Internationals & Cancer

At De Eik, we welcome everyone who has encountered cancer in their lives.

A cancer diagnosis can turn your life upside down. Here at De Eik, we provide a supportive environment for those living with, after, and alongside cancer by offering them psychological and social support. Whether you need a good conversation, a listening ear, information or an activity, De Eik provides what needed to navigate life with or after cancer. This applies even if you do not speak Dutch. We acknowledge we can still make some strides in this area.

De Eik provides a safe space for those living with, after and alongside cancer by offering social and psychological support. We provide this by organizing activities and gatherings, sharing a cup of coffee, meeting others who are going through similar experiences and finding peace and relaxation. De Eik is a meeting place for those who understand what you’re going through and helps guide you in the direction that’s right for you. Sharing your burden or sorrow is made lighter by surrounding yourself with others who understand, being truly heard by our volunteers, and finding someone to talk to. The feeling that you’re not alone in your journey, gaining new perspectives, and perhaps even momentarily forgetting about the cancer. During opening hours, you’re free to drop in for a cup of coffee or tea and chat with other guests and volunteers. If you would like to have a meeting with one of the volunteers, you can arrange this via our contact form or by phone.

Internationals Meet Up

In 2024, we organize our English-speaking gatherings for Internationals in the Brainport region who are dealing with cancer. If you’re looking for a chance to connect with others who understand what you’re going through, and you’d like to share a cup of tea and a good chat.

More information? Please contact us.